Is the @ifexists directive is misbehaving?

Hi guys, have been working on a series of automation tasks using the @ifexists directive, and I'm getting results that are bugging me. Example button:

@confirm The [BACKUP_5TB_E] drive is connected
createfolder "/$BACKUP_5TB_E\test"
go "/$BACKUP_5TB_E\PICTURES" newtab openinright
copy updateall file="lib://test*.jpg" to="/$BACKUP_5TB_E\test"

@confirm The [BACKUP_5TB_E] drive is not connected... remember to backup pictures later![/code]
When this is run from a button, and the drive is NOT connected, I get a 'Select Destination Folder' dialog caused by one of the commands in @ifexists:E: clause even though I shouldn't?

If I chop out the three createfolder, go and copy commands, I get the expected ~drive is NOT connected~ confirmation message in the @ifexists:else clause.

Is the @ifexists directive only intended to work with SINGLE command execution in each clause or something?

I think the checks for "do all these commands have valid destination folders?" happen before the @ifexists processing filters out the different cases.

These days, you're better off using scripting for conditional logic. It'll behave more predictably.