Is there a button code for creating a shortcut of a file?

Good sirs.

Create Shortcut is available in my right-click menu, but I can't find it in the DOpus menus so that I can script it.

Is it scriptable in a button?


Just use the same command in a button, a context menu item is not very different to a button.

Copy MAKELINK is the command for creating shortcuts.

Details here: ... s/Copy.htm

yay - thanks

You can always help yourself for similar problems, if you look at what has been defined in your right click menu for the file type you right-clicked or dragged.
Open the file-type editor from the menu bar Settings -> File Types.

The screenshot below shows the drop menu for "All files and folders", that's where your "Create Shortcut" item comes from, and it also shows what command is behind.
Curiously, it's basically the same as Leo suggested. o)

Thx - will check that out