Is there a "Suppress this line break" code when writing commands?

Is there by any chance a "Suppress this line break" code when writing DOpus commands? Some of my lines are very long, far longer than the screen width. Commands that open multiples URLs in one instance of Firefox are particularly troublesome. The {DlgString|. . .} commands and the {DlgChoose|. . .} commands can also get uncomfortably long.

It would be much easier to read and edit these commands if I could break lines on the screen, possibly several times, but add a code at the end of each broken line to suppress the line break as far as the code is concerned.

In scripts, yes (syntax depends on scripting language, but also often isn't needed as things can be broken down into multiple operations more naturally in scripts).

In normal commands, no, but you can make some of your examples easier to read by using @set to create variables for e.g. your URLs, then use the shorter variable names on the line for the command itself.

Thanks very much, Leo. What a very simple and clever trick! If I call the URLs say U01, U02, . . . , I can then leave the final Firefox command constant, then above it list the URLs in order down the box so that I can see what I am doing. Ditto DlgChoose and DlgString when necessary.