Is there a way to make progress dialogs reallytruly on top?

I'm doing some major file copying between disk systems, and it would be really useful to be able to "leave" the progress indicator dialog on top of all other windows without having the source lister on top as well.

I tried to emulate this by having "On Top" set to all, and then minimising the lister, but the dialog gets minimised too.

Is there a way to achieve this that I'm missing in the manual or FAQs?

Not a showstopper, just a "nice to be able to..."

Thanks in advance!

I don't think there's any way to do this at the moment, but you can use a tool like TurboTop that allows you to make any window on-top.

Thanks, Leo, that's a useful little tool. I'll have a look at the readme to see if it can automagically "on-top-ise" (zero z-order??) a window with a given substring in the title so I don't always have to start copying and then turbo-mouse down to the tray icon... It says it can do it at the time of TT launch, but I haven't figured out the other bits.

But it DOES allow sub-windows to be individually modified... that's so cool. Thanks!

Feature suggestion : I know too many configuration features is just as bad as too few, but it would be a useful addition to be able to always flag certain dialogs/windows/forms to be on top while Opus is executing. Maybe even have a timer flag - if the process will take more than n seconds (minutes?), automagically make it on top until it finishes. More complications?

"on-top-ise"? :smiley:

Actually, I still like "reallytruly" better...