Is There A Way To Prevent {filepath} From Being Added To Buttons

When I install a new program, or a new version of a program, and I make a Toolbar button to execute that program, my method has always been to navigate to the new program's installation folder, then switch to the toolbar I want the button on, then right-click that toolbar and select Customize. I then minimize the Customize text box, and proceed to drag and drop the .exe file of the new program up to the toolbar. I usually edit the new button so that it gives me the tooltip I wish, and sometimes change the icon. Then I restore the Customize text box, and OK out of it. That's been my procedure for years now, and it has worked well.

Lately, for about the last few months, I've started noticing a strange behavior when I click the created button to start the program I've installed. Some programs give me a "Invalid Directory" pop-up, and others give me various pop-ups that I cannot remember right at the moment. So, I looked closer at my created buttons this morning, and I've noticed something that I never noticed before.

When I edit a button, on the 'Function' line, at the very end of the program path, there is an addition of {filepath} that I'm almost sure was never there in times past when I created a button by the drag-n-drop method. When I remove the {filepath} part of the function command, then the button, and thus the program, works just fine every time after that, with no pop-ups.

On my system, at least, this seems to be a default thing that happens when I create a new button now days. So, all that to ask this.... do I have the ability via settings or prefs to disable the {filepath} from being appended to the end of the program location?? Now that I know what the problem is, I can manually delete that from the button each time now, but I'd rather just try to resolve the issue of it being there in the first place.

I am using the latest 11.10.05 x64 version, if that makes a difference. TIA!!!

Opus has always done this. It's so you can run the program on the selected files and folders (if any), which is often the reason for wanting a program on an Opus toolbar.

We've made a change for the next version so that {filepath} won't be added if you hold Ctrl down as you drop the program on the toolbar.

I suppose I just never noticed that behavior before, then. However, it's good to know that I can use the Ctrl key after the next version is released. Thank you, leo!