Is there a way to save the Preview Pane size with Folder Options (or stored query)?

Topic says it all. I have some searches which return files that are portrait and some that return files that are landscape. Having the preview pane react accordingly is what I am looking for. Thanks.

Preview Pane size can be adjusted by layouts, styles or commands/scripts. It isn’t tied to searches, but you could make a button which changes the size of it and runs a particular search.

For my own clarity. I did a quick search on layouts and applied one to a search wherein all results are PDFs in portrait. Works great. Two questions:

  1. You say it isn't tied to a search but when I execute the lister via Settings - Lister Layout - the lister the search results are current. Which acts as I would like, a good thing. Maybe I misunderstand the comment?

  2. Is there a shortcut of any sort to navigate to the lister layouts?


Layouts can open folders, which might include search results, but searches can't change layouts.

You can create hotkeys to open layouts or the layouts menu, yes. Which do you want to do? Where do you want the hotkeys to work (in Opus or everywhere)?

Thanks, that clears it up. Creating the layout when the search is active gets me the result I want. Kind of a one-to-one searches to layouts but that's fine.

In Opus only, even in the left panel if that is possible. Sorry for being a bother but Opus is so feature rich it takes a while to get one's mind wrapped around it.

Creating a button or hotkey which runs Prefs LAYOUT="My Layout Name" will open a specific layout, if that's what you want to do.

Got it thanks. Slick! Did this by -

  1. Help - Keyboard commands, created a command

  2. Help - Keyboard commands added a hotkey using the command created

Is this the typical way? Thanks for all the help.