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Is there a way to toggle the find/filter panel?

If it is possible per raw command, i would like to be able to toggle all kinds of find or filter functionality. For example, when using Tagger, things may go wrong in the background, if i accidently hit the wrong key. Or it happens sometimes when i use some macros. For now i have set FAYT and filter bar options to "none", but the find function seems to be still active, and i found no option to turn that temporarily off.

I don't think you can completely turn off Find As You Type.

Scripts usually take snapshots of the file display which should not be affected by what you do after they start running, unless they're doing something unusual (or doing things in a bad way, maybe, depending on why they're doing it; sometimes it might make sense though).

Well, with hours of typing, adding tags, it happens that i hit a key with the focus not being in the right field, which would be that of Tagger. In that case the currently edited image would be flipped a couple of times, usually four images off. The other case happens with the macro program, which sometimes is a bit sluggish, leading to having the search field opened, then pasting a .txt file into the destination, instead of adding the metadata into the description field, which is speeding up the process of copying back the lost metadata a lot. Anyway, turning one option off already helped. Another good thing is, that Opus remembers the last used menu, so i can leave that open, if i want to toggle the FAYT. Thanks!

That sounds like you're pushing keys in the image viewer? How would turning of FAYT help you there?

Or do you have hotkeys set up in the lister to rotate images? But, again, you'd want to disable your hotkeys, not disable FAYT. I'm confused here.

When i'm using the Tagger, it has its own small transparent window at the left, where i'm typing in the tags. I have another (macro) combination, to move the focus from tagger's input to the image, when i need to move it around to check out smaller details, being in original size mode. It happens sometimes, that i forget to switch back to the Tagger's input line, what causes the pictures to flip around. It happens only in the context with Tagger. If i don't have it running, pushing keys while viewing images in full screen mode does nothing. So, actually i am not even sure, if the FAYT is causing it, as there is another program running in the background, a program that allows me to type abbreviations for phrases, so i have to type much less.

Anyway, turning the FAYT temporarily off in the preferences could possibly help. I will try that in my next editing session. As i did a short test now, it happens quite randomly. My thought was, that hitting keys with the focus on the image would do some filtering in the background, thus changing the current image.

Very annoying. I have to mass transfer descriptions, hundreds of them, using just two keys, but this filter bar keeps popping up all the time for no apparent reason, so i have to close it again and again.

Please make an option to turn it off, as well as all accelerator keys. It would make the work for keyboard users much easier under certain circumstances.

Esc should close it if you open it by accident. It doesn't open itself so you must be typing into the wrong window when it does open without wanting it.

Well, yes, sure. But it disturbs my workflow very much, to always watch out, when this unwanted window pops open, having to hover one hand over the Esc key. And i don't see any mistake i am making. Always pushing Ctrl-# (that's the combi for the macro), nothing else. Maybe with no Millisecond precision, but i have tried both, pushing the keys simultaneously, or Ctrl first shortly followed by #.

The best solution for some situations would be, if we could turn it off for a while. I also still have those problems with the accelerator keys, when i switch windows in Dexpot. I have followed Jon's tip to assign a different key for Dexpot, but i still find an accelerator item active, when i want to use other keyboard compinations, so currently i have to hit Esc a lot over the course of a day. I even had removed all "&" from the menues, but hitting the Alt key will light up that Favorites button nevertheless, breaking my work flow.

Ctrl-# isn't a default hotkey. Maybe try a different one that's easier to type?

I don't know what Dexpot is to understand that part of the equation.

Dexpot is a desktop manager, like that one built in in Windows, but much more versatile. The combination Ctrl-# is belonging to that program, not Opus. But i have to use it that way. here's what it does, with Opus having the damaged folders at one side (lost description data), and copies of emoty folders of the same name, but with all description data on the other:

  • pushing the combination for editing metadata in Opus right side
  • Ctrl-C
  • going up
  • change file display to the other side
  • Push combination for editing metadata in Opus left side
  • Ctrl-V
  • go up one item
  • change to the other side of the file display, ready for the next run

All in all, it works very well. I had to reduce the macro speed a little bit, but it works like a charm, speeding things up alot, besides of the stumbling sometimes.

Edit/ i have some strange hotkeys, because i have that many. Even though Opus has this unique functionality to use combination hotkeys, with an extra key. But for all that is outside of Opus, i have to make sure, that nothing clashes, still. That's why i had to chose that unusual combination. Also, because i needed some hand friendly combi, keys in the same area, cause i have to push this combi like a thousand times. :slight_smile:

If only you knew how to write scripts, you could completely automate this :wink:

I'm sure, if i could. But i think i wouldn't ever be a good coder. The last stuff i did was around 1987, where i programmed some prime number calculator, using some kind of pascal. It actually worked, but later i switched over to music/recording, then photography, so those first attempts to become a programmer remained my only try. I am even struggling with (supposedly) simple things like Regex nowadays.



1.6.14 Build 2439
Last update: September 4th 2014
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1
(incl. x64 and server versions)

Well, Dexpot running on Win10, mixed with Tagger (which could probably benefit from a bit of maintenance love)... aren't you afraid that this cocktail might cause some headache? Or already has, given your recent Alt Data Streams trouble?

Well, i have been using this for many years, with no trouble in that direction. About the maintenance, yes, you are very right. Dexpot is buggy, locking desktops sometime, in a way, that you can't change desktop, without being thrown back to the initial one. If there is some good alternative, please share.

As for the data streams, that was the first time i saw this happening. Long time ago, i had a few harddrive crashes, with all data completely messed up, but nothing like this.