Is there an XLSM Preview Handler?

Dopous can view and allow selection data from XLSX files.

Is there a a plugin or other technique that can be used to see the XLSM files in the viewer pane?

I doubt there is one as it would be a security risk to make opening a file with macros as easy as clicking on it.

You could try adding the extension to the Excel viewer, but I suspect it will reject the files rather than display them.

(This is all down to Excel and the Excel preview handler, all Microsoft code/components and not really related to Opus. You'll see the same in File Explorer.)

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MS Edge & Chrome have add-ons to open XLSM files. Is there anyway possible for either of these to be added to the Dopus ActiveX Plugin (or is there already an Edge or Chrome plugin)?

Not currently but we’re looking at supporting Edge.