Is there any way to auto size the columns in list view?


First time DOpus user here. I'm currently trialing the pro version and I'm almost ready to purchase a license, however I have one question. I'm not sure if there's a setting that I'm overlooking. I have most of my folders set as "list" view. In Windows Explorer, it will autosize the column based on the longest file name in that particular column, see Fig. 1

DOpus seems to be sizing the column based on the longest file name in the entire folder and I can't figure out if there's a way to make it more Windows Explorer-like, see fig. 2.

You can tell that Windows Explorer uses the space much more efficiently.

Under Folder Options > Display > View, I have it set to view as list, but the option to "auto-size all columns in Detail and Power Modes" doesn't seem to apply to this situation. The option was simply called "Auto size columns" in a 2015 build, apparently.

Can someone shed some light?

List view currently sizes all the columns to the width needed for the longest name.

It's mostly a historical thing, but it also means the whole list doesn't jump around when files are added and removed in the middle of the list.

You can set a maximum size for the List view columns, which may make sense if there are a few long names while most of them are short. If you want to do that, go to Folder Options where you configure the widths and columns used for Details mode, and set a max width for the Name column; it will also be respected by List mode.)

(BTW, as a time saver, you can use Help > Secure Screenshot to make screenshots with blurred filenames.)