ISkysoft PDF Editor Preview

Hi gang,

I recently moved to iSkysoft's PDF Editor and the preview pane in Dopus no longer shows PDF previews.

I assume this is a "preview handler" issue - just not sure how to solve it.

Any help appreciated.

Oddly enough, if I install this:

It starts working. Obviously not the perfect solution - but one indeed. I'd rather have an official one :slight_smile:

Redacted .... It works with SOME PDFs .. but not all of them.

Is it the same in Explorer? If so, the issue is with the viewer rather than Opus.

Yeah, the same behavior in Explorer. Sigh. No ideas?

The only advice I can give is to raise it with the people who make the PDF viewer, or use a different PDF viewer.

What should I be telling them, exactly, that they need to add?

Post the same thing you posted here, say it doesn't work in Explorer, and ask if they need anything else. Sending them an example PDF that doesn't display is probably a good idea.

I know even less about this PDF software than you do, and if it's the same in Explorer then whatever is wrong with it is unconnected to Opus, so I have no particular insight into the problem to offer I'm afraid.

I do not have the same PDF set-up, but I do get the same problem. I have found that if you open the PDF and re-save it over itself, the problem is solved. Yours may not be the same problem of course, but it may be worth a try with a couple of troublesome PDFs.