ISO files from desktop to open in DO?

In the past i had DaemonTools for opening ISO files, but since DO v10 can open ISOs, i deinstalled the DTools. Now ISO files on my desktop open per default with Nero. I want to open these ISOs with Opus, but when i tell explorer (per context menu) to open an ISO with dopus.exe, it opens it in a new window/lister.

Is there a possibility to open it into the same lister that is already open? It works when i open the ISO-file within Opus, but from the desktop i have the problem i described.


See here (which I've just updated to talk about ISO; it didn't before):

[ul][li]Make RAR, 7z, ISO, etc. files open in Opus on double-click[/li][/ul]

Please see the Note about ISO files section, in case what you're planning to do won't work. Opus opens ISO files like archives, not as mounted drives. (For mounting ISO files, I recommend VirtualCloneDrive, which is free and works great with Opus.)

Oh, i didn't know that installation from ISOs wouldn't work if opened with Opus. Thanks anyway Leo, i'll think about what the best solution would be and adjust my system accordingly.

sveto, D-Tools doesnt open ISO files. the software mounts the ISO into a virtual (optical) drive, e.g. "drive (Y:)" provided by DT. I've created a right-click context menu item for *.ISO-files when i browse folders in Dopus (other than the Desktop) such that i can mount them into the D-Tools drive (here, "[Y:]").

Actually your post addresses a whole set of different aspects: Desktop (=very special system folder), double-click (=File associations), right-click (=Context menu), opening (=do you mean mounting?), and ISO-files (=a special file type, which can be linked to a virtual folder, or to a burning program (Nero), or which can be treated as archive (Dopus, WinRAR, ..)).

Thus, double-clicking an ISO-file could be assigned to the following (exclusive OR) actions, typically:

  • opening it with WinRAR, ISO Buster, UltraISO or any other ISO-specialised tool, or
  • opening it in Dopus (as archive type), or
  • opening it in Nero, or
  • mounting it in a virtual folder (imho this is the least typical use of a double-click on a *.ISO-file JMTC)

Since you mentioned Daemon Tools, i am confused by what you really mean by the term "opening ISO files". :neutral_face:

I thought the original post was abundantly clear (especially with the follow-ups, but even without them) and, either way, the thread was already answered so I'm struggling to think what the purpose of your reply is, plunder.

BTW, i have the same problem with ZIP files. I have done all the settings like in the following screenshots, but when i click on a ZIP on the desktop, it opens in WinRAR instead of Opus. What am i missing?

@Plunder: When i said opening ISO, i meant opening, not mounting. :slight_smile: But thanks for the info.

EDIT feature? :question:

Anyway, when i say "click" i mean of course "double click" - i didn't realize some people still use the old double click. Sorry for that.

You've probably used the "Open With" menu to make WinRAR the default program for Zip files at some point.

In the File Types list in Opus, select the Zip filetype and where it says "Opens With: ..." at the bottom, does it say WinRAR? If so, click Change, select WinRAR in the list and click Clear Default.

Thank you very much - it works now! :slight_smile: