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Issue copying from symlink to same drive


I have a symlink called "Downloads" on drive "F:", the original folder is located on "G:\Downloads".

When moving a file from "F:\Downloads to G:", it will be copied. If moving from "G:\Downloads to G:", it will correctly be moved.

Is this a bug or by design?


When you say "copied" do you mean "moved via copy-then-delete", or is it actually being copied and left in the source as well?

Or are we talking about drag & drop and the way "copy, move when same" behaves?


Move as, so it should be moved, but will be copied.


I can't reproduce that so far.

  • Created G:\Downloads
  • Made symlink F:\Downloads which points to G:\Downloads
  • Put a file in F:\Downloads
  • Used Move As command to move & rename the file to G:\

The file was moved & renamed, and the original file was no longer there.

Is the original file really still there, even after a refresh? (Junctions can complicate change notification, so it's possible it isn't there but just looks like it is, perhaps. That should not happen either, but if it is what's happening, it changes what we need to look at.)

Is it still there after a reboot? (If not, something was locking the file, shared for deletion, and the file was only fully deleted after whatever it was exited.)


Now I can't reproduce, too. It was a mkv-file, but wasn't in use (because after moving it was deleted).