Issue in standard rename of file/folder

(I classify this as bug-report and not new feature since I think current behavior was not intended).
There is an annoying problem with renaming and then clicking to commit the change. If the name field is still edited and I click the file icon or any place in pane (outside the currently edited name field) or on the folder name (in the folder tree) containing the edited file or on any tab label, then the behavior is as expected - the file name edit takes effect. HOWEVER, if I click another folder in the folder tree (i.e, switch folder), the edit DOES NOT take effect. Occasionally, I need to switch immediately to another folder and forget this behavior. The result is that I think I changed the file name but actually it was not changed and I discover it (if at all) later on . Same issue if I rename a sub-folder. I am running Win10 but this behavior was present in previous OS and opus versions.

That is by design and not a bug:

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I understand that. I am saying there is some inconsistency from a user perspective that leads to problematic situations. If the idea is that if I leave a folder before a click the edit is canceled, then I would expect it to be in all situations - If I have dual pan and change folder in the other pan by clicking a folder in its folder tree the edit does take place. I know it's different because I did not leave the folder in the edit pane, but … Anyhow, thanks for a great product and quick response.

p.s. my personal situation that led to my comment is that I have to change one file name in each consecutive folder (could be 50 folders), so I change a file name and move to the next folder by clicking its name in the folder tree. So the current behavior doubles my # of clicks, and if I forgot the extra click and moved I have a problem later on.

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We've made a change for the next beta which works how you've asked, since it's been requested at least twice now, and is consistent with what people may be used to from File Explorer.