Issue where Metadata Pane "resets" (becomes unselected on its own, losing unsaved changes)

Hello. I've encountered this issue for a long time and it has finally aggravated me enough to create an account here to report it and hopefully figure out why it happens or get it fixed if it's a bug.

What happens is when I am editing the metadata tags in the metadata pane, Directory Opus will simply unselect it and revert anything I've changed/not save the info to the file.

I work with MP3 files all day and this issue happens very frequently. As you can imagine, it's extremely aggravating when I've filled out several tags and/or written a mouthful in the comments and then POOF it's all erased and I have to redo it.

Any idea what could cause this? Is there some sort of log I can provide to help assess it?

Could something outside of Opus be modifying the files? That would cause the metadata panel to re-load them.

I've certainly considered that. And I believe that may have been the cause at least some of the time, but there are other times when no other app should be modifying the file and then it happens.

For example, just now I had extracted an MP3 from a ZIP file, then clicked in the comments field and started typing, then it simply deselected on its own. I extracted it with Opus (by copy and paste, if that's relevant), so the only thing that would have been modifying the file is Opus itself.

So, no ideas?

Nothing I can think of so far, sorry.

If you can pin down a sequence of actions that triggers the problem, we can try doing the same. If we can reproduce it reliably, it should be easy to work out what's happening and fix it (or add a workaround).

Is any kind of network drive involved? We've seen some of those send spurious "file changed" notifications in the past, which might be what's happening. (For example, one NAS vendor's device would generate a file change notification any time something read the attributes of a file, which resulted in a loop where the attributes kept being re-read because it kept saying they had changed.)

The Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced: [Troubleshooting] no_external_change_notify setting can be used to disable most change notification processing to test if that is involved. (You wouldn't want to leave it that way, so it's not a solution, but it's useful to test whether or not it's involved.)