Issue with new notepad

Since I use a new notepad it cannot open files using UNC-path, for example "\\diskstation\storage\test.ini" (file "test.ini" not found). Local files ok.

It's the same command used with other editors before:

/Programme\Notepad3\Notepad3.exe {filepath$}

Can you navigate to \\diskstation\storage and is the file "test.ini" visible?

Yes, it' shown in lister and when copying it to local disk I can open it. As said, never had problems with other editors (e.g. notepad++).

Seems like an issue with the editor rather than Opus? Does it work with UNC paths if you run it from a command prompt outside of Opus?

After testing it only occurs on paths to my NAS (\diskstation). Open from other PC (e.g. \pc1\e$) works.

Opening in cmd using "Notepad3.exe "\ds\storage\Neues Textdokument.txt"" works (DS is diskstation).

Found it, it doesn't like @admin!