Issue with Remember folder formats

Hi, I noticed slightly weird behaviour compared to DOpus 12.

After I open a particular folder and change the view or add a column, navigating to a subfolder would normally preserve the format changes in that lister pane.

Under DOPus 13, navigating to the subfolder resets the format to the user default.

Navigating back to the orignal folder, restores the format changes.

Once I found and disabled "remember folder formats", everything goes back to normal and opening a subfolder preserves format changes.

Is it possible to allow "remembered folder formats" to apply to subfolder like normal formats?

Also, the "remember folder format" preferences page feels unfinished.

  • "Clear Formats" clears the list instantly without requiring "apply" (compare that to deleting a format on the "folder formats" page, which has an "are you sure? prompt", and can still be undone by cancelling)
  • There is no toolbar for sorting/deleting or filtering entries (like the folder aliases page)
  • There is no support for deleting entries with the Backspace or Delete keys.

Can you please enable the backspace/delete functionality at the minimum?
Being able to sort and filter the entries, then select one or more and press delete would definitely improve usability. At the moment, the best option is to completely clear the list and let it re-grow organically.


As an aside, what happened to the padlock icon usually found at the bottom of every pane? The new blue i is weird, it does the same thing as the padlock, but you can no longer lock the format with a single click.

Is there an option to restore the old behaviour? Please bring back the yellow lock and the single click behaviour. :slight_smile:

Note - even the manual shows the padlock icon!

Maybe allow "{gfl}" to return the dopus 12 behaviour?

Code Description
{fl} Displays the format lock icon (). This icon indicates the current state of the format lock, and clicking it will toggle the lock on and off. Hovering the mouse over the icon displays a tooltip indicating how the current folder format was derived.
Legacy: {gfl} used to display a grayscale version of the icon but is now the same as {fl}.

It should already if you're using 13.2, based on this conversation:

I think it describes the same thing, at least. Let me know if I'm wrong.

That's basically how we see it being used. The list is there more for transparency so you can see what's being recorded, and also so you can remove folders you don't want to keep listed. We remember disliking the way Explorer had a fixed limit on how many folders it could remember and that you couldn't see or manage what it was remembering at all...

But automatically remembered formats are still temporary data, I think. If you visit too many other folders before you come back to one, the folder will go back to defaults. (Same in File Explorer, at least the last time I used it.) So they're good for quick changes on folders you're in a lot but not what I would use for something that took a lot of time to set up and that you want to keep forever. (Although you can increase the folder limit really high if you want).

For folder formats you want to keep, it's better to save those explicitly, which means they're in the main Folder Formats list in Preferences, and there forever (or until you delete them).

You can promote an automatic format to a full folder format by right-clicking it in the list, which is the other reason the list is there. (But it's also probably easier to do it from the main window: Navigate to the folder, then use Folder > Folder Format > Save, from the menus at the top of the Lister.)

There's a new checkbox on the Preferences / File Displays / Status Bar page to turn it back on.

Too many people clicked it without knowing what it did (and then it propagated to layouts, styles, etc.), so it's off by default now.

I've upgraded to 13.2 and the behaviour, while not resolved, has changed slightly.

  1. clear remembered formast list
  2. open folder (I use /alias to get there, not sure if thats relevant)
  3. change to thumbnail view
  4. verify folder is now present in "Remembered Formats" list.
  5. open subfolder - note format is preserved. <- new 13.2 behaviour
  6. close lister
  7. open lister
  8. open same folder using /alias
  9. note format is in thumbnail view
  10. open subfolder - format immediately reverts to details view.

Thank you!! :smile: So much nicer.

I'll move additional replies to the other thread.