Issue with zip files in add folder alias

Please use the file I sent you for this topic Unzipping much slower than in 7zip
put it in some folder eg. in your Documents.
Go to settings -> folder aliases.
Click Add folder alias and navigate to C:\Users[your_username]\Documents. DOpus hangs and it says it's not responding.

The same happens if I paste any path containing "C:\Users[your_username]\Documents" eg. "C:\Users[your_username]\Documents\My files\A folder" so it's not possible to create alias which go through a folder with that zip file.

Is this DOpus issue or Windows open folder dialog issue?

It's due to the Windows Shell taking a very long time to open that archive (which is being triggered while building the tree the first time, and then seems to be cached afterwards). You can see a similar delay when opening the same archive in Explorer.

For trivia's sake, the stack trace showing the shell Zip folder component is causing the delay:

I think we can avoid triggering it by rearranging the order we do some tests while building the tree, so although it's somewhat a shell problem, we can avoid triggering it. (Also good to avoid as anti-virus might slow things down similarly with some archives.)