It is possible to do this dynamic menu?


I'm trying to make a dynamic menu with Go FOLDERCONTENT command to show all the contents (all the folders, subfolders and files) from the folder tab I'm currently at. For example if I'm currently in C:\Data it takes that folder like path and shows the menu for C:\Data, if I change to the tab D:\Test then show the menu for D:\ Test folder... etc. and add it to the right button menu in my mouse.

The problem is since I don't know the path, how should I do it? I tried with HERE argument.. it didn't work.

It is possible to do what I want to do? (I don't know if it is clear enough what I want to do).

Thank you in advance for your responses.

It's not possible at the moment, as far as I can tell. The FOLDERCONTENT stuff is designed to show one or more fixed folders, rather than something relative to the lister's current folder. I tried a couple of things (. and {sourcepath}) in case they worked "accidentally" but they didn't seem to.