item.MatchFilter() trying to access archive inner files

Every time I use item.MatchFilter() on an archive file that has a password, I get a password prompt. As if the script is trying to access the archives inside. Is this intentional? And if so, is there any way to disable it? I only want to use the filter on the archive itself, not on its contents.

It might depend on the filter definition.

Could you give a short example?

function OnClick(clickData) {
	var item;
	var tab = clickData.func.sourcetab;
	var line = 'script match bydate/bydate after 2023-10-06';
	var filter = DOpus.Create.Filter(line);
	if (filter.valid) {
		for (var i = 0; i < tab.all.count; i++) {
			item = tab.all(i);
			if (item.MatchFilter(filter)) DOpus.Output(item + ' match the filter');
			else DOpus.Output(item + ' dont match the filter');
	else DOpus.Output('The filter is not valid:' + line);

bydate/bydate is a datetime type script column that chooses between creation and modification date and displays the most recent one.
If the tab has any archivewith password, it asks me to write it down.

You can try with other filters too.

	var line = 'date match modified between 2023-10-04 and 2023-10-06';

Still the same

@Leo did you get a chance to take a look at this?

Not yet. Little busy at the moment. :slight_smile:

This should be fixed in the next beta.