Javascript disabled for online help - Chrome

How to resolve for DOPUS online "help" in chrome windows 10

JavaScript is disabled

See attached

Fix your browser so it allows Javascript. :slight_smile:

If you're using an extension like NoScript, you may need to whitelist the URL. (Or just stop using the extension, as it breaks literally everything these days. The web is built on JS, unfortunately.)

My general settings for javascript under "permissions" and "content" already say "allowed" in Chrome.
It does however allow me to add (or block) sites - which would seem to me to be not needed (as far as the "add" is concerned.

Is there anything else like windows defender that I should check ? Or just try doing the "add" ?

I don't know. It works by default in Chrome on six machines that I have access to, so it must be something non-standard, either in the browser config, an extension, or antivirus.

There are Chrome extensions that will block Javascript (or things they wrongly think are adverts) which could also be involved.

Try using a different web browser with the same URL. That will tell you if it's something in Chrome or something outside of it, like antivirus proxying all HTTP traffic and removing the scripts.

It was an extension called "web site blocker" - although it was currently set to block no sites.
I disabled it and that solved the issue

Thanks Leo

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For me, it was the Color Picker ii extension causing an issue. I removed this extension and replaced it with a different color picker. I no longer receive the message.

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