Jpeg 2000

A JPEG 2000 plugin based on J2K-Codec is now available.

The new plugin improves on the old JP2Raw plugin's JPEG 2000 handling in several ways:

  • Much faster at viewing files.
  • Much, much faster at generating thumbnails.
  • Support for x64 (64-bit Windows).
  • Support for alpha channels (transparency).
  • Support for less common .J2C & .J2K code-stream data files.
  • Support for Unicode filepaths.
  • Support for Opus's USB-Mode.
  • Doesn't call abort() on decode errors. (An aspect of JasPer which I dislike even more than its speed.)

The new plugin continues support for:

  • 8bpp images.
  • 16bpp images.
  • Color (RGB) images.
  • Greyscale images.
  • .JP2 format files.

For download links and more information, go to the plugin's web page:

This plugin is included with Opus from version onwards.