Jpg viewer not working

Hi there. Great product. I've used Directory Opus for years, on many computers (I swap computers very frequently. I uninstall it from each computer that I stop using, and install it on the new one). I've never had an issue with the viewer. I click on a .jpg file and it comes up, then I can hit the space bar to go from one picture to the next. I have a laptop that I haven't used or turned on in a couple of years. I'm updating it. Directory Opus was installed on the laptop. On this computer, when I click on a .jpg file, it comes up in Microsoft Photo, instead of the DO viewer. 64 bit version. I tried downloading the 64-bit version of the Multiview DLL's but when, in DO, Plugins, I check the MultiView box, it tells me that the DLL's are not found. I copied the extracted .dll's to my c:\temp and when it tells me to locate the DLL's it won't see them. How do I get DO to be the default for viewing jpg's?