JRiver shell context menu doesn't work in Dopus


I have Dopus 11.16 and JRiver Media Center 21 installed on Win 8.1.

In Dopus, all commands under "Media Center" (Play, Add to Playing Now, Replace &...) will not respond. It won't play the file or add the file to the playlist, etc.

However, in Dopus, the context menus "Play in Media Center" and "Open With..." work fine i.e. it will launch JRMC and play the file.

In File Explorer, all commands are working, including all commands under "Media Center".

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No love for my issue?

Am I missing information?

I installed JRiver Media Center 21 on Win 8.1 and when I right-click an MP3 file there is no Media Center context menu, even on the Desktop and in Explorer.

The program's options don't seem to find anything relevant related to "context", "click" or "right".

How do you get the menu?

Search "shell" to find:

General > Shell Options > Enable shell integration

Logout after you enable it.

Thanks MrC!

I can confirm the menu doesn't seem to do anything in Opus.

However, I then tried it via Notepad's File Open dialog, which is a good way to test if a context menu literally only works in Explorer. Trying the Media Center > Play option on an MP3 file via Notepad's File Open dialog results in Notepad crashing every time for me.

So I'd say there is a bug in the JRiver Media Center context menu shell extension, and the bug is causing different effects in different programs. They are likely making an assumption about the host process which is only true within Explorer.exe.

You'll need to report this to JRiver for them to investigate, which will hopefully be easier for them to do now they (probably) only have to look at the problem in Notepad.exe and not Opus.

Thanks Leo. I believe you're right: "They are likely making an assumption about the host process which is only true within Explorer.exe".

I will mentioned it again to the JRiver guys, but this issue is not a deal breaker... I can also drag-and-drop the media files. Both Dopus and JRMC are part of my basic software toolbox.

Cheers and thanks again.