JScript and VBScript call each other

Script Control for 64-bit platforms

This is very good, to let JScript vbsript complementary.

I've moved this into Off-Topic as it is a bit meta, and the root post really needs fleshing out if it is to be useful to anyone. e.g. Explain what problem it might solve for people and how it could be useful.

(I'm not sure many people need to mix JScript and VBScript together for Opus scripts either, or would want to install a 3rd party dependency to do so. It also creates problems if people share scripts that depend on additional components being installed if there isn't a really good reason for them. Some components make sense, of course, but if it just saves 10 minutes converting some JScript to VBScript or vice versa then it'd be better to convert the code than to force anyone who uses it to install another component to make it work.)