Jump to key pressed in lister

When I hit a key in a lister, I want it to jump to the next file starting with that letter.

I've been through the settings a few times... thanks for fixing searching settings.

Where is the setting.

Turn on Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced [Behavior]: fayt_firstchar_repeat

But then you can't find files that start with names like "mmm" as easily.

(Alternatively, push F3, which finds the next match whether that's on or off.)

I never did search for fayt. Thanks. I jump fast(er) with the first letter.

First letter works many places, like to find your state in a form... in regedit, hit w to jump down to windows, then the particular key is a click away.

Search field is good for many things, but also gets in the way sometimes.

The first letter works by default. The fayt_firstchar_repeat setting only changes what happens if you push the same letter two or more times.

If things are sorted by name then it's easier, in both modes, to push the first letter and then use the cursor keys. The setting only really matters if the list is sorted by something other than name and you're used to tapping the first letter until you get to the file you want (which F3 also does, and which means you can't jump directly to something that starts with a repeated letter, on the downside; that's why the option's off by default).

I want it to jump to the next file or folder staring with the letter pressed...