Jumping from one tree to another quickly


In version 9 if I was in a complex folder tree, for example g:\mp3s\blues\robert johnson\ and I wanted to jump to the same tree in another drive, let's day f:\mp3s\blues\robert johnson\ I could do so quickly by clicking the bottom left of the pane display on the drive letter and entering a new drive letter+enter. This would inmediately take me to the same tree in another drive.

Is there a way to turn this back on?

I will greatly appreciate your response.


Nothing has really changed here from 9 to 10. Maybe you were using a config in 9 that had the old-style path field instead of the breadcrumbs path field?

You can still use the old-style path field in 10 if you want to, but you can also just click the icon (or any empty space to the right of the path) in the breadcrumbs path field to start editing the path, then just Home, Del, drive letter, Return.

You can also use Shift-Enter or F4 to start editing the path.

Thank you for your reply Leo.

I basically run the program as it defaults out of the box, all I did was update to 10 which changed the way this works a bit, but I think for the best, please look at the 2 screen shots, the v9 shows a Locations bar on the bottom which is what I has using as a path editor. On the other hand the new version has the path on the top and it can easily be edited. I also like your suggestions of using F4 or Shift-Enter.

Do you know if there are any videos online showing you the features of the program? It does so much that it is hard to figure out where to start. I love it!

There are some old vidoes & tutorials in the Tutorials section.

New ones for Opus 10 are on the way.