Junction support

While I'm at it (refering to my junction bug report), I'd like to address a few more issues with junctions.

(1) Dopus doesn't seem to acknowledge junction points, but simply refer to them as type "folder". I'd like it to refer to it as "junction" and perhaps use another text color to identify them aswell.

(2) It seems like Dopus doesn't prevent direct deletion of a junction point as it should according to MS specs. That should be fixed.

(3) Why doesn't Dopus handle junctions natively? It's the closest thing I've seen to Amiga-style aliases in the Windows world. Dopus should handle creations and deletions without 3rd party utilities.

Seconded all.

I've been using Link Shell Extension found at:
schinagl.priv.at/nt/hardlinkshel ... llext.html