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Junction to a network drive and refresh problem


Hello Directory Opus programmers and users!
I have a problem with a junction, which has already been described in a similar form in 2013 under “View does not refresh after delete / rename”.
If I rename a file, then in the junction the old file name and additionally the new file name is displayed, as if I had copied the file.
If i press F5, the old file “disappears”.
The junction is a connection to a network drive that was created as follows:
mklink /D "K:\#[Cyan]\Movies" "\\Cyan\Movies"
(Cyan is the name of a Linux machine)
This problem occurs only since Directory Opus 12 with me and only with junctions to network drives, connections to local hard disks are fine.
Debugview displays the file operation correctly. In Windows Explorer, the rename also takes place correctly. Also, a file with directory opus can be easily renamed if the network drive is connected and is not accessed via a junction.
My Directory Opus version is 12.6 x64. Operating system is Windows 10 Pro (version 10.0.15063).


I can’t reproduce this here; it may be something specific to the server. Do you have any other network drives (on another server, preferably) you could try it with?


The error seems to occur only with the (this?) Linux machine. Unfortunately, I have only one Linux PC to test. No Problem with Windows XP and Windows 10 computers. Perhaps I should go through the innovations of the newest Samba server (version 4.6.7 + git.51.327af80a11-6.1). Samba was upgraded to version 4.6.7 at the same time as I migrated from Directory Opus 10 to version 12.