Junctions changing to "File folder"

I'm noticing an odd issue with junctions on network locations (windows home server). Initially the junction is detected in DO and shown correctly as a Junction. However after I double-click on it - the contents are correctly displayed - but from then on it's shown as a "File Folder" and the short-cut icon disappears too. Even if I close and reopen DO it then shows as a File Folder still. This doesn't happen on local junctions.


Does the same thing happen in Windows Explorer?

Hi sorry Leo - i didnt get reply notification - yes it does strangely enough. The shortcut overlay disappears and it is just shown as a file folder. How weird, why would that be?

I also tested XYplorer and it must have some smarts in there as this occurs momentarily then it seems to refresh itself and it shows as a junction again.

Thanks for the reply

In that case, with it affecting Windows Explorer as well, I would say that Windows Home Server is doing something weird in the way it handles the network share.

The WHS filesystem is/was rather... unconventional. It's a filesystem built on top of other filesystems (never a great idea if it can be avoided). Microsoft gave up on it as they could never get it to work quite right, so maybe this is one of those quirks that were never solved.

According to this thread, junctions don't work properly WHS and may lead to other problems: social.microsoft.com/Forums/en/w ... 19351d99a1 (It starts talking about symlinks but moves on to junctions lower down.)

Thanks Leo - I'm running WHS 2011 (based on 2008 server R2) but who knows could be something like that. Anyway I'm pleased it's nothing with Directory Opus :slight_smile: