Junctions, links and shortcuts: naming, redirecting

Is there any way of specifying the name of a link (etc.) created using COPY MAKELINK or COPY MAKESHORTCUT? I've tried COPY AS=name MAKELINK=shortcut, COPY MAKESHORTCUT AS=name etc., but the name of the target is still used as the name of the resulting link.

I was pleased to see that I could make a shortcut to the source folder or its parent in the destination folder with COPY file=. MAKESHORTCUT and file=.. respectively, but the shortcut is then named . or .. (not the target name) and the icon represents a shortcut to an unknown filetype, not a shortcut to a folder.

Once a junction has been created, does DOpus provide a way to point it somewhere else, or is this best handled by deleting it?

Currently no, the name of a shortcut or junction is set automatically using the template specified in Preferences / File Operations / Shortcuts.

However, it would make sense for the AS argument to allow you to change this so I'll add this to the list. Also, the problem of making a shortcut to the parent folder sounds like a bug (it should use the name of the folder by default, not '..')

You can't change the target of a junction or link once they are created.

At some point over the intervening 11 years I am pleased to report this has been done (adding required function to the AS
Both these work:

copy {sourcepath} makelink AS {sourcepath|nopath|noterm}.lnk
copy {sourcepath} makelink AS BLAH.lnk

This command would work but would add a "-shortcut" suffix to the shortcut created

copy {sourcepath} makelink

Unless you turn off that switch as mentioned in the post above.
The location of the switch in question has moved (in DO 12.7 anyway ) to
Settings > Preferences > File Operations > Options > Checkbox=Append " - Shortcut" when creating shortcuts

If you uncheck this option then the following 2 have an identical effect:

copy {sourcepath} makelink AS {sourcepath|nopath|noterm}.lnk
copy {sourcepath} makelink