Just a big thank you with cherry on top for all the DOpus work!

I just want to extend my utmost, sincere thanks to all the staff dealing with all of our requests and requirements; you're all doing a proverbial god's work!
I don't know about the mechanics about assignments here, maybe there are temporal or local rules in place that lead to them always appearing so active and responsive to me, but:
I especially want to thank @Leo, who seems so tirelessly committed to respond to user requests and issues that I'm sure I'm not the only one to wonder whether they actually sleep or not.

THANK YOU, and everybody else, for being part of the development, maintenance and improvement of such an empowering tool! :black_heart:

You all rock, and you're very much appreciated!

...And if there is a part of you that feels like "...ugh, great... Another pointless post without any need for action, without specificity, and without the need for me to read and process this": I'm sorry to bother you, I just want to let you know that you're a part of a good, empowering thing and I'm grateful.

I'm sorry if this is a bit devoid of meaning in a community/feedback sense, but it's full of personal meaning; You're an empowering and, dare I say it, exciting application that truly fits into a "power user" mind set.

All involved: You should be proud of yourselves.
Many of us can't even imagine running Windows without you.
Directory Opus is truly a tool of the people, and I can't express my gratitude; I just hope that this post will relay some of it.

Thank you, and sincerely
Black Platypus / Ben / SvArt


Thanks :smiley:


Sometimes I think Leo is an AI-powered bot. As a matter of fact it is very probable :smiley:


whirring sounds


(OMG, are you truly a descendant of the original LEO? "Lyons electronic office I"?
@Alpha All provable indicators point to it, They seem to be almost omni-present, suggesting a "Skynet"-like infrastructure completely above the dimension of time. :thinking:
But, in any case, "I, for one, am in complete agreement" with our overlords!
They, uh... seem to know what they're doing (unlike some companies in the hands oh humans, right now)
Praise be our benevolent overlords!
(Implying that we will indeed rise up when something doesn't add up for the end-user. We'll mess you up bad if you try to sneak by anything lazy or smelling too much of Microsoft Manure™)
Uh... I mean...
As I said, Dopus's liberation is great! :grin:

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The depth of this software is something else. It seems to me like an old traditional animator who has painstakingly thought of every little subtle motion.

So many subtle things that go unnoticed to me. Also DopusRT is hugely underrated! Wtf how was a tool like that just casually hidden away!

Many thanks to Leo. This week especially, I've been building an Opus replacement for the explorer Open/Save As Dialogs and he has been wonderfully answering my questions about DopusRT.

I've been very pleased with the results, I will share it here in good time.


Aw, that's awesome! :blush:
And yes, that's exactly the kind of stuff I was thinking about: I came into contact with DOpust while looking for an Explorer replacement as well ^^
It's crazy hw useful it can be in all kinds of use cases! :blush:

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