Just purchased OM-1 Camera

I just purchased an OM-1 Camera from OM systems. Will you support OM Raw files in the viewer? They are ORF raw files.

We can probably make it work if you send us some sample files to test with.

There are a couple of my raws from my OM-1 here:

Would love to see this too!

N.B. Raws from my previous Olympus cameras do show in Opus (EM-5 Mk1 and Mk3)

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Many thanks @bossanova808

We have OM-1 raw images working now (both embedded quick previews and full raw conversions), and the change will be in the next update.

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That's awesome news, @Leo - thanks! (I'll remove those RAWs now as my dropbox is overfull!)

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Just on those raw conversions - I presume the 'magic' that leads to the embedded JPEG being much more accurate to the scene is not available to you when you do those raw conversions? E.g. the white balance is well off in those results and testing some older ORFs here I see the same sort of issue with those.

Obviously I use other tools for 'proper' raw conversion but occasionally some fast method of getting out a JPG that looks much more like the raw (as the camer & preview presents it, i.e. more processed)....would be quite handy. But I am guessing that that is 'secret sauce' your raw library thing doesn't have access to?

There are lots of settings you can adjust to change how the raw conversion is done.

Well, there you go - had no idea that was there!

Gotta love Opus - there's always more to find!

Any clues as to when the next version is actually coming? I just ask as I am taking thousands of photos with this thing and it would very much help the speed of my workflow!!

This is in the 12.28.1 beta release.

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