Keep file label when file is moved

If I have labels for a series of files, is there a way to have those labels "stick" and move with the files when the files are moved to a different folder or drive?

As long as these settings are all on (and were on when the labels were assigned to the files), that should happen:

  • Preferences / Favorites and Recent / Labels:
    • Enable label storage in the file system (NTFS volumes only)
    • Automatically store labels in the file system if possible
  • Preferences / File Operations / Copy Attributes:
    • Copy metadata (comments, keywords, etc)

There is a slight per-file performance hit to file copying when enabling the last option. Not enough that you should worry about it, unless you're comparing file copy speed between two programs and copying lots of small files.

(The files also need to be on NTFS drives as well, so it won't work with things like most USB sticks, or inside of archives, FTP sites, and so on.)

Thanks, Leo. I'll check my settings.