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I just upgraded to Opus 13. I've been using the "Keep on top" option in the image viewer a lot in Opus 12. Usually, that option was available when right click on the title bar. After upgrading, that option isn't there anymore and I can't find anything similar in the preference menu.
Am I missing something simple or is that option gone?

That was removed, unfortunately, although we might be able to add it back for the viewer if you need it.

Always-on-top options were removed generally, which mainly affected Customize mode, where the new titlebar buttons that appear while Customize is open provide a better solution to what having Customize on-top was for. I think losing it from the viewer was collateral damage and us assuming no one used it, so we might be able to add it back.

That said, always-on-top causes no end of problems with child dialogs, since they either have to be on-top as well (and then the on-top state becomes viral with anything you launch from the on-top window) or they get hidden behind the parent window (which is very confusing, as focus goes to a window you can't see).

(Mentioned for completeness: The viewer will still go on-top when it's fullscreen.)

Thank you for the response. I see. I found it to be a cool and useful option to have in many situations. Opus is excellent in giving many options to the users after all. Absence of this option wouldn't be a big negative for me, but I would be very happy if that option could be reinstated at least for the viewer.

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I was using Always on Top for the lister windows quite a bit, and I would definitely request it be returned.

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I don't use the Always On Top for other listers often, but for the Image Viewer, it's essential.


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Yeah, I feel the same way, too. I'm more surprised by the news that not many are using this function.

This feature was one of my primary uses of Directory Opus. I do hope this feature will be re-introduced; otherwise, I'll have to continue with version 12.

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