Keep remote directory up to date

I've been playing with DOpus's Synchronize functions trying to get it to do what i need, but so far I can't work it out!

I've been using WinSCP's 'Keep remote directory up to date' to automatically transfer changed files in a directory to an SFTP host.

Is there a way I can do this in DOpus?

Continuous background synchronisation isn't something Opus is really designed to do but you could schedule Opus's Copy UpdateAll function to run every X minutes. You'd have to be careful to ensure there was always enough time between runs that the first one always got to complete before the second one.

Hello -
Though this is not in DirOpus, I have been using SyncBack to keep directories sync'd, real-time. This includes when certain usb drives or HDs are plugged in or when a change is made to a directory, or even at specific times. It's a very powerful program. I am sure that most of the basic fuctions could be made into a button or into a context menu item.

There are other programs out there which do what you are looking to do, so happy hunting.

Just some ideas for ya.