Keep Selection

Keep selection when going back to a subfolder.
Keep selection when going back

Refresh keep selection.
Refresh keep selection

I wrote the script, but the breadcrumb bar click event is always "normal", which causes the variables to not be saved correctly when I click on the breadcrumb bar to navigate.

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You mean something like this?
Other scenarios:
Keep selection when going back to a subfolder:
Refresh keep selection:

Click on the breadcrumb bar to navigate and keep selection

There will be no selection when using event action only.
Click on the breadcrumb bar to navigate and keep selection2

To be honest I haven't even tested your script (since it's a screenshot :smile:), but after reading your message I found it interesting to try it on my own. After some quick tests, I can tell you that what you want to achieve is currently possible (the gifs I uploaded yesterday are proof of that), without needing to discriminate which action triggers the events (which I believe is where you have problems). I understand that you are not asking for any advice, but while you are waiting for them to consider implementing your request, you might want to analyze the way you are approaching the problem (since you are not getting the result you expect).

Yes, there are ways to make it happen. But I want it to be supported built-in, no redundant script code. When going back to a subfolder I see that the list is focused on the first item, the script handling seems to be secondary.

You mean the first item gets selected?
I think that is related to whether you have the "Automatically select the first file in the folder" option enabled. I noticed that too. And as far as I tested, there is no way to disable that option via commands.

I don't have that option enabled.
After entering the folder, the first item will be focused.

How many folders back do you think the selection should be preserved?

Last one only? Last 10? Maybe last 15 mins?

I find its easier to just open a new tab, do what you want, and the original tab maintains the selection for you.

Variables are overwritten on every save, so they shouldn't take up much resources.
Clicking on the breadcrumb bar is much easier, opening a new tab is another option.

any chance of posting the script that does that - useful.
Better yet can the team put it on the feature request list

  • Keep selection when going back to a subfolder
  • Refresh keep selection.

Maybe it has some technical disadvantages and that's why they didn't implement it? Hard to say for us.

Sure. TBH I only do it because the OP claimed to have issues implementing it and that caught my attention. I haven't tested it thoroughly, but I've enabled it now and been using it for a few hours. I still have my doubts about the real need/usefulness of this and its cost/benefit, but the script itself runs quite smoothly and doesn't overload neither DOpus nor the explorer process (may be my OCD talking, but I've noticed that the script in the screenshot above over time causes DOpus and explorer.exe to start increasing RAM consumption exponentially). If I don't find any problems I might upload it later, if you are willing to be a guinea pig of course.

sounds good, Can set number of remembered folders ? and deletes duplicate folders in remembered list?

No, although it can be easily implemented. But I don't think it is performance wise to manage a configurable size for a list of paths that at the same time contain a list of selected items...every time a folder is accessed... Currently it saves the last 2 paths only.

You can try it now here