Keep the "Filter Bar" open at all times?

I'm doing alot of repetitive work using the 'Filter Bar' in Directory Opus. It brilliantly helps me narrow-in and organize my bazillions of arcade games.

But the problem I'm having is that the tool is set to automatically "disappear" once you click elsewhere on the screen.

I'm currently working from the couch, on an HTPC, with a wireless keyboard. Physically and constantly pressing hotkeys in this context is difficult on the wrists.

I'm looking for any solution...

Two things that come to mind are...

(a) Keep the 'Filter Bar' open at all times. While I would love such an option...I think it's a longshot, because the tool seems to be hard-coded to only appear temporarily.

(b) Have a toolbar button that activates the 'Filter Bar'. While it doesn't solve the repetition problem...using the mouse is a little easier on the hands. So whenever I need the 'Filter Bar', I could press the button to activate it.

Preferences / File Displays / FAYT and Filter Bar Options / Display Filter Bar: Always

Thanks @Leo! The settings window is so expansive (a good thing), it slipped my mind to use the filter (no pun intended) to find the appropriate settings page. My apologies!

But unfortunately, my Opus is constantly crashing after activating that "Always" option.

I work with about 8 listers - with each having lots of tabs. In normal usage, I've never had a problem with them. But now, no matter what sequence I open those listers in, by the time I get to the last will cause my semi-transparent Windows 10 taskbar to glitch out for a bit - then finally Directory Opus crashes and exits.

It's weird because the filter box works if I call it up via typing or hotkey. It's only causing Opus to crash when I leave it on "Always".

I know I should file a proper bug report somewhere, but I'm really drowsy right now. When I get some spare time this week I'll try to find out the process of sending you guys details about this problem.

If there are crash logs, we may be able to use those to tell what's going wrong.

What do you mean by that exactly? What's happening? Is it the standard taskbar or is something modifying it?

It is the standard Windows 10 taskbar, with a transparency percentage enabled via normal Windows settings.

I also have Explorer-related software like True Launch Bar, 7 Taskbar Tweaker, and Open Shell (for start menu replacement).

When I enabled "Always" in Directory taskbar seemed to be glitching out where half of it would show normally...and the other half seemed to be trying to replicate the image of that normal looking half.

Opus wouldn't respond, so I ended it via Task Manager. That made my taskbar look normal again.

So I passed it off as a one-off. I re-opened my listers one by one...everything seemed to be loading fine. But as I got to around the seventh or eighth lister...the problem suddenly repeated. And again, had to end Directory Opus via Task Manager.

Just to be sure it wasn't one specific lister causing the problem, I changed up the order of opened listers. Even then the same problem repeated.

Right now I've set Directory Opus to activate the Filter Box via typing. No problems whatsoever, even in directories with thousands of files. It's actually pretty convenient and solves my initial problem (without use of button or always on).

But later this week I will try to re-produce the problem and learn how to send you the logs.