Keeping focus on last selected item when changing sort order

Example situation:
Lister (in Power Mode) with directory containing many downloaded installers.
Directory is sorted by Modified. Now I select, for example, LibreOffice_4.1.3.2_Win_x86.msi and change sort criterium to Name, to quickly see whether there are other versions of LibreOffice's installers in that directory. This works, but I need to navigate to LibreOffice_4.1.3.2_Win_x86.msi (which is now at different position) to see the effect.

Is there a way to achive the same (as default behaviour in Details mode) in Power Mode?

Directory Opus Pro (5042) x64
OS 6.2 (B:9200 P:2 T:1) SP 0.0

The option you've found should (and does here) already work with both Details and Power modes. Give it a try.

"Reset focus entry when sorting file list" is disabled and (for me) this does not work in Power Mode and works in Detail mode.

Make sure Preferences / File Display Modes / Power Mode / Always in Keyboard Mode is switched on, else there won't be a focus item at all if you've used the mouse to select things.

Working! Thanks for quick response.