Keyboard copy and paste between source and dest listers


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Other look:Read FAQ; Checked out this video "Working with multiple Opus windows/listers (video tutorial)"
[url]Working with multiple Opus windows/listers (video tutorial)]

Is there any keyboard equivilent of this button?

Ideally I could like to

  • highlight a file/folder(s)
  • Hit Ctrl-c to copy
  • Hit Ctrl-v to paste to the destination folder (without having to naviage there)

I tried editing the button to see what commands were underneath but found nothing on this occasion:

Thanks for any reply

The default toolbar's Copy button is a three-button (one with different actions on left, right and middle mouse button clicks). To edit it (e.g. to assign a hotkey to one of the actions), click on it while in customize mode and then edit the things within it.

(What you're editing in the screenshot is just the "unclicked" state of the three-button.)

On the money as usual Leo. Thanks..