Keyboard map : why not adding 'Menu' key as a modifier?

Hello all,

I've just noticed almost all keyboards now have a special key which symbolizes as a 'menu' key or a 'context menu' key. It acts a bit like the 'windows' key as it's supposed to be used with another key to act on menu on windows.

Today on dopus if i try to use this key in a new dopus hotkey it will just act as a bracket ' ] ' character.

It would be great to be able to use this key combined with another key in the dopus keyboard map. For example we could assign something like 'menu_key + A' or 'menu_key + 4' etc (all keyboard possibilities like we could do with 'windows key')

Technically, i imagine it could be possible as system wide hotkey. For example, i've noticed the application 'conemu' is able to redefine keys with this 'menu_key' as they call this key 'apps' in this application (by default, as an example, they use 'menu_key + F' to search for text in the console output)


The menu key opens the context menu for the thing that currently has input focus, similar to clicking the right mouse button on things.

It isn't a modifier key, at least in Windows, so it isn't treated as one. Not all keys on the bottom line of the keyboard are modifiers.


List of modifiers here, as two examples:

Ctrl, Alt, Shift and Win are the only qualifier keys in Windows. (AltGr is really a combination of two of the main qualifiers.)

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