Keyscrambler Prevents Name Filtering

A few days ago I purchased a keyscrambler application for my pc. Since the I started to use, I saw that, when I type folder or file name in any lister, type filtering not working. I mean when I start to write "business folder" Opus not marking folder.

In my oppinion its not about Opus I also sent an email to QFX software to know why it happens. At this point I just wanna make sure, is there anyone faced a problem like this.
You may understand easily by checking attachments.

They've fixed a couple of problems they caused in Opus before, so as long as you've reported it to them I'd guess the best thing is to just wait for them to fix this one as well.

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Thanks for your kind answer. I have made a researche resource to find out. But I saw that everyone who faced problems with keyscrambler is fixed by delivering problem to QFX. Keep you updated if I have any information from QFX