KeyScrambler problem

Apps Supported by KeyScrambler 7 File Managers: Directory Opus

When renaming a file or folder from a program, Directory Opus 12.19.4 (Beta) does not print letters and numbers in the rename window.
If yo u disable KeyScrambler, it starts to work fine.
Video_2020-02-06_131602.rar (1.7 MB)

Did you ask the people who make KeyScrambler?

I wrote to them too, there is no answer yet.

And here you don’t know why?

Keyscrambler looks like it modifies the way Windows works in a non-standard way which needs them to do specific things to make it work with different software. I'm guessing something is broken on their side.

We haven't looked into your other issue yet. We'll reply when we have.

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It may come in handy for you:
KeyScrambler is up and running!

  1. Now rename from the context menu, everything works.
  2. Now we rename it from the program, the Delete button works, and entering numbers or letters does not work.
  3. Now we are renaming from the program, from the On-Screen Keyboard, everything works here.

Here is a video shot:
Video_2020-02-07_103355.rar (2.6 MB)

Windows 7 system (32 bit)

You need to report this to Keyscrambler not us.

If they are installing something which modifies how Windows handles keyboard input then it's up to them to fix it so it doesn't break other software.

Yes, they answered me.
QFX Software has released a new version.
I updated the program, but everything is still there.
I wrote a second letter and attached a video to them.

But in this thread, this is something Opus Directory is not working properly.
I read there and see that other users have exactly this kind of malfunction.

Please don't keep bumping or cross-linking unrelated threads because they haven't been answered yet, after such a short time. We've been very busy lately and will get to them in due course!

If you want to boost the priority of your threads, the best thing to do is link your accout.

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The answer was from QFX Software:

We have a new version that we've tested with DO beta 12.19.4. Could you please try it and let us know if you still see the same issue?

But there are no changes so far, all the same.
I wrote to them again.
I'll see what happens after the release of KeyScrambler and Directory Opus updates.

I also noticed this, wrote in QFX Software Support:
In the Rename Directory Opus window, at the top line, "Old Name" types well.
After that, in the renaming window and in the bottom line, "New Name" starts to work well.
Attached a video: Video_2020-02-09_195944.wmv
Video_2020-02-09_195944.rar (1.5 MB)

Now everything is working fine.
QFX Software has updated the program, version of KeyScrambler v3.14.0.1
The problem is resolved.
Thanks for the help and support.