*KEYtopic: Integrate custom GUI input dialogs into functions

The {Rs} function should be expanded to support user definable Drop Down Lists.

instead of just: {Rs|Dialog Title|Default Text}
we would have it extended to support,

{Rs|Dialog Title|arg(1)|arg(2)|arg(3)}

Example: I could program a button to extract password protected Rar files which prompts me to select from a list of preset passwords followed by another prompt (or ideally in the same GUI) to select from preset destinations for the extracted files (I,m aware of the browse for folder dialog).

A step further would be the integration of several customizable GUI elements like; Radio Buttons, Combo Boxes, Date Picker etc.

These implements would allow users to greatly extend our hard coded buttons into simple, flexible, and powerful dialogs built around our own presets.

And of course we could create a Three button "button" that has all the seperate passwords "hard coded" but this could be achieved in one button that triggers ideally one Dialog that can be composed of several different GUI input elements.

I currently use PowerPro 4.7 to achieve these ends and it works nicely but native Dopus support would be awesome. Particularly given the breadth of functions that Dopus has, it would make sense to have some simple but flexible dialogs to help us powerusers to exploit commandlines to the fullest.

Basically DOpus integration of these controls is what I'm referring to:

As an idea we could make Custom GUI's to control Irfanview and XNview built specifically around our workflow. The possibilities are endless.

Perhaps we start with a simple messagebox, asking "ok" and "cancel".. o)