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Kitten looking for a new home


Hi folks,

EDIT: We found a home, all is fine! Thank you! o)

looking into all directions here and since this (to some extent o) is a cat related forum, I though why not also ask here! o)

We saved a little homeless kitten while on holiday in Croatia, we named her Dužica, so it fits her roots. o)
We found a new home in Germany/Berlin for her, so we went for pet passport and all the "health" things to allow for easy transition into her new home.

The issue:The family which was about to care for the cat stepped back all of a sudden after we took the cat the 1300 km ride from Croatia to Germany (wtf). o(

If you know somebody with a proper environment (with garden/backyard -> no flat only), who would like to care for the cat in the future, let us know. Right now the cat is located in Berlin/Germany.

Dužica is healhty, around 2 months old and as lovely as can be.

Thanks! o)

Now for some cat pictures, wouldn't have thought I'd ever post some. o)


How easily could you get her to southern Spain? :slight_smile:


Not so easy, but we could meet in France, half the way?! o)


I'm looking for a cat but probably one a bit closer :smiley:

I hope she finds a good home, she looks lovely.


Watch out, tbone, lil' kitty will turn you into a cat lady in no time :smiley:


No way, I already have two cat lady friends, the cat is with one of them right now, I'm save! o)


London is where you are located, is that right?
I still have 1 more week on holidays.. o)

To you cat experienced people here, one question:
Since we took the cat out of a little village, where it was able to walk around in free nature, I disliked the thought to give the cat to someone only living in a flat with a balcony at max. My feeling is, that it would not be a good (enough) environment for a cat. I did not have a cat myself ever in my live, but I am thinking they probably miss out on some things only to be explored outside a flat in mother nature.

That being said, I also read that it can be quite dangerous for cats outside the house. Dogs, water pools, ill humans, poisoned rats being eaten and so on. I'm no not so conviced anymore the best place for her is somewhere where she has the option of going outside. Mhh.. but maybe this is just urban-people thinking I got across. There's danger in life everywhere, he? o)


I'm down in Spain at the moment.

Indoor vs outdoor seems to depend on the cat, and the type of area. Mine have been mostly indoors but get let out occasionally and rarely go far or for long. But if they're used to having a huge field to explore it would be a big change to remove that, or to put them somewhere with roads/cars etc.

The cat rescue places definitely prefer homes where the cats can go outside, and usually reserve indoor-only homes to special cases. Two of mine were adults who their previous owner had never let out of a single room, so they wanted an indoor home as they wouldn't be "streetsmart" (although looking at the local cats here who just sunbathe in the middle of the road, or under parked cars, I'm not sure any cats are, heh).

IMO the main thing is they have something to do, especially when young. e.g. Play with other cats, play with owner, enough space to run around, things to climb on, etc. As they get older they get more happy to sleep most of the day and look out the window, with the odd burst of activity.

Ideally, they'd all have a huge outdoor space to play in safety, but I'd rather be an indoor cat than still in a cage at a rescue centre, or worse.


Leo, that really helped to clear up some things for me, I like how you differentiated here. Indoor cat forever is surely better than cage, but some outdoor moments would be ideal. I totally agree with you.
I'm in contact all day right now with various people showing interest in Dužica, there seems to be at least one family with some kind of flat and smaller garden here in Berlin, where they live primarily, but they also have a house and yard some kilometers outside the city, sounds good to me!? They also had other pets before and iirc they currently already have another older tom cat. So, family with 18 year old daughter, some other pet and some country side options.. not too bad, I guess?!

In case you have more thoughts - pro or against.. let me know. Thanks! o)

If Dužica could make it to you or Jon, and since you told me your cat(s) also have chances to see the sky, I would really love to hand Dužica over to you. o) Isn't there this "Zip and send as eMail" feature?! Muha. o)


That sounds like a good option in terms of the family. Older cats are often OK with kittens as they don't see them as a threat, but kittens can wear them out as well. :slight_smile:

Do they alternate between the two houses? Cats don't usually like travelling in cars (unlike dogs), so they might not like going back and forth, if that's the plan. Although I've heard if they get used to it when young, and every trip isn't to a scary place like the vet, then they can be more OK with it. But they like to be somewhere that has their scent around, even if they get used to travel, I think.


Thank you Leo, your words really helped to make decisions.

We found a home, we gave her to a young woman from a little village in the north of Berlin. Not extreme country side, but still quite a distance to the city. She has options of seeing the sky there and the new family in general is very cat experienced, so we can expect her to be treated right. o)

Thank you all! o)

I'm quite surprised how many grown ups decide for a cat and when it get's serious.. how they try to talk themself out and find all possible reasons to not answer and go for what they initially triggered. Weird and exhausting. o)


In the other extreme, we see things like: Two cats are living large at a $1,500-a-month studio apartment their owner rents for them in Silicon Valley, where a housing shortage has sent rents skyrocketing.