Label assignment for folder which does not contain anything (not even empty files or folders)


I've been playing around with the label assignments for quite a bit, but can't find a solution to my problem. I also read many posts containing label assignments, but didn't find anything that helped.

My plan is to label empty folders (which contain nothing, not even empty files or folders). So I would need to be able to add something like Size | Match | Is equal to | empty in the magenta box in the screenshot below:

The way I set it up, the label (here: italic font) is applied not only to the truly empty folder, but also to any folder with 0 bytes - regardless of the amount of empty files or folders in it. See the first 4 folders:

I hope, anyone can help me? Thanks!

If you're using Opus 13, you should be able to do it with a Folder Content filter:

  • Folder Content - No Match:
    • Name - Match - * - :white_check_mark:Use wildcards.

In Opus 12, it would probably require a script column, as there wasn't an easy way to filter a folder based on what it contains (rather than properties of the folder itself).

why do I also have all the files labeled with this filter?

You need to add a Type clause to make the filter only apply to folders.

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Hello @Leo ,

thank you for your swift feedback, I will try this asap.