Label entire filename line but when selected doesn't show label color

Yeah, I know; that's a terrible topic title but it's tough to summarize this in one short sentence.

I've set the prefs to colorize the entire background of a labeled line. In the following example, I set the "green" label to provide a green background rather than the text color.

Note that the blue colored line is the file that is currently selected.

In the next pic, I've actually selected the labeled line and the green background is replaced by the normal "selection" color.

I understand why the blue color replaces the green in this situation—it's selected, of course—and, once I move the selection to another line, the green label color reappears.

But here's the question: Is there a setting that would retain something of the labeled color so, even though I've selected the item, something of the labeled color would remain? Maybe the name becomes blue (because it's selected) but the rest of the line remains green?

Thanks in advance for any advice. :smiley:

Yes, labels let you specify text and background colors for both selected and unselected files, so you can do exactly what you're asking for.

You can also set the selection style to one of the other two options if you don't want the selection background to fill the whole line. (Filling just the Name column is a nice middle ground, IMO.)


Thanks very much. I did a bit of tweaking as you suggested and got this result:

Now it shows the label color and that the file is selected. I used the "filename column" rather than just "filename" as a click to the right of the filename (but still in that column) didn't register unless I used the "filename column" setting. Arrowing up or down worked as expected but I'm still somewhat mouse-centric (having not completely rid myself of my macOS roots).

Bottom line: Problem solved. I appreciate your quick response. Evaluation to continue. :smiley: