Label Filters Coloring Entire Row

Is it possible to only have the Label Filters (Modified Today, etc.) ONLY color the Name column instead of the entire row ?

I currently have Name, Ext, Size, Type Modified, Created and Label as my columns. Under Preferences / Favorites and Recent / Labels, I have "Modified Today" and "Modified Yesterday" (Label Filters), both with "Show in Label Column" unchecked. I also have a group that I made called "Weekday" with Labels such as "Monday", "Tuesday", etc. and those have "Show in Label Column" checked. I set these ones manually in the Label column.

I am trying to achieve the Label Filter color to only be applied to the Name column and my manually selected Label (with color) visible only in the Label column (instead of both coloring the entire row). I end up with competing colors and it gets a little messy with too many filters/colors.


Not in a way where one type of label would color some columns and another would color other columns.

But you can make the labels change different things (icon color, text color, background color, font style, etc.) in a way that the two can be combined at once.

Thanks for the tip. I'll do some more experimenting and see what I can come up with.