Label icons don't update if source image changes

I think there might be a bug with labels.

  • I wanted to create a new status label.
  • I downloaded a .jpg file from the internet to use as my new status icon and called the file "Working Version.jpg".
  • I then went to Preferences-->Favorites and Recent-->Labels and did the following:
  • I created a new label called "Working Version".
  • I set the status icon to my .jpg file ("Working Version.jpg") and then clicked Ok.
  • I tried setting the status on a file to "Working Version" and my new icon showed next to the file. That is, it worked just fine.
  • I didn't like the icon I picked so I deleted "Working Version.jpg" and downloaded a different .jpg file from the internet. I called the new .jpg file "Working Version.jpg" (the same name I used for the first .jpg file).
  • I went back into Preferences-->Favorites and Recent-->Labels and tried to set the "Working Version" label to the new .jpg file. Despite the fact that I deleted the old .jpg file and selected the new .jpg file, DO kept using the old icon (even though I deleted the original .jpg file and replaced it with a new .jpg file).
  • I tried deleting the label "Working Version" and then re-adding it but when I went to set the icon for the new label to the new .jpg file the old icon kept coming back.
  • I was able to fix the problem by finding and deleting the old icon image in the Directory Opus Icon Cache, exiting and then restarting DO, creating the "Working Version" label again, and then assigning my new .jpg file to the label.

The bug is that DO is not recognizing that the .jpg file that I tried to assign to my label has a different icon in it (even though the .jpg file has the same name as the old .jpg file).

Please let me know if you have any questions about the above.


Thank you for reporting that. We have a fix in the pipeline.

In the meantime, the workaround you found (deleting the icon from the Icon Cache folder) is good and shouldn't cause any problems. The fix will do something similar automatically.