Labels and Status

I thought I've asked this question before but I can't find it.

How do I toggle the labels on/off. At the moment, I can't remove them.

SETLABELTOGGLE Specify in conjunction with the SETLABEL argument to toggle labels. If the targeted file or folder already has the specified label, the entire label will be cleared instead.!Documents/Properties.htm

I have one set label and this is what it has.


Do I need a set label for each category?

I created another set label but it didn't toggle the label.

I now can not toggle the labels on my second computer. I have done nothing to them. I've only updated Dopus to 12.31 on both computers!

Nothing changed in the update that would affect this. Check the commands on the two computers are the same.

I somehow got it to work.

Damn, I spoke too soon. lol

I can only have 1 icon at a time. How can I have multiple icons?

If you tell us the exact commands you’re now using, we should be able to help.

I'm using.

You need the ADDLABEL argument as well, otherwise it will toggle the chosen label and clear all others.

Thank you Leo, that worked.