Labels on files do not refresh on file modification


I have a following problem with my Opus instance:
I have defined few coloured labels in preferences. Also in folders formats section I've defined a regexp pattern for few folders paths. In such definitions I defined few rules for such folders: they will display in thumbnails mode, they will have few additional columns related to images (like image size) and they will use previously defined coloured labels in case of proper image metadata is met (image size, generating program, picture's IOS and EV values and such). Label rules are mutually exclusive.
Once I enter such folder I can see that labels are properly assigned to files. Also if I save new file to that folder (with a gfx application like Gimp) it gets the label properly. Unfortunately when I edit an image and save it Opus does not detect that the new rules should apply and label doesn't ever switch to other colour automatically. Label gets refreshed only once I hit F5 (refresh) on the lister.
That wasn't the case before I upgraded from Directory Opus 11 where all labels were always up to date.
I'm using Windows 8.1 and registered Opus 12.10 64-bit.
Could you please advice how can I make it refresh automatically?

Please give some examples of the labels you are using and how they are defined.

Example folder path is: .\\d\d\d_PANA.
Example labels are just different text background colours.
Example labels filter definition is:
Image width is xxx pixels.
And image height is yyy pixels.
And EV of the image is 0.
And generating program is not Photoshop.
-> Then apply red label.

I'm attaching screens of my preferences to visualise this. It should be more or less understandable to you (even though I have my program localised in Polish) as you probably know where all the controls are placed and what they mean.

Is the modification date of the file being updated when it's saved?

Yes, it is being updated to current date.

I haven't been able to reproduce this here. Could you please provide the full details of the label definitions?

I switched my Opus to English (so that you can understand what the settings are) and took screenshots of defined folder format. Note that all my images are JPG files and I'm using NTFS file system although I'm not storing labels on filesystem side (I have this option disabled).

I have no filters defined on "Hide filters" and "Show filters" tab (thus no screenshot).

Thanks for that, unfortunately I still can't reproduce it.

Are these files on a network or local drive?

What program are you editing the image in?

Exactly what change are you making to the image? What label did it have before the change and label does it have after?

I'm using only local drive. Also no soft/hard-links are involved. Just regular jpgs.

Once I download pictures from my camera (SD card with FAT32) into directory that matches my regexp (on NTFS harddrive on Windows 8.1) the labels will appear. They start with red label (first definition from the top) as they all have the same size (4000x3000) and their software field in EXIF is the model of my camera.
I open one of the pictures in Photoshop. I perform some operations and resize the image. Now I save it as JPG and basically overwrite the previous file ("save" option, not "save as"). I can see the thumbnail changes immediately as well as image size in the description. When I open the file with Opus viewer I can see the changes I made. The label stays red, though (incorrect). It doesn't matter if I close Photoshop or not. The expectation is to turn green (last defined above) as it matches the filter (software in EXIF switched to Photoshop and the image size changed).
The only way to make the label green (correct) is to refresh the lister or change the directory and get back to it again. Also if I save the file as a new one ("save as" in Photoshop) in the same directory the new file will get proper label right away. Also files copied to that directory always get proper label at first. Just the modification doesn't seem to trigger label refresh.

I just switched to fresh installation of Windows 10 (updated to newest build) and sadly I can see this issue is still the case on newest Opus.

We were never able to reproduce this.

If you show the Creation Software column in the file display, is that updating when you change the files, or does that also need a manual refresh to update?

Just checked that and columns do not change anything here. Also folder display mode. Even with thumbs disabled (details mode instead of thumbs) the colour of the label stays the same and requires manual refresh. Text in additional image-related columns refreshes immediately, though (including creation software).

I am reproducing it on much simpler example as well:
I configured custom folder display for path "C:". I put two rules there. One makes the file orange if size is 0B. The other makes the file red if the file is not 0B. I re-enter the directory and see colours applied. I create a new text file. The file is orange. I open it with Notepad++ and write one character and save. File remains orange until refreshed although size column displays 1 correctly right away.

Thanks for the additional info. I've been able to reproduce it now, and we'll have a fix for this in the next update.